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Treadmill Desk Installation Service

if you are buying a treadmill base and height adjustable desk package from us, then why not take advantage
of our installation service?

Our team will deliver and assemble your treadmill desk for you, and place it exactly where you wish to start walking and working. They will adjust the height of the desk to suit you perfectly and advise you on the most ergonomic way of working. They will also centre the treadmill belt and check that it is level to give you greater piece of mind that your treadmill desk is perfectly set up.


Each of the desks are height adjustable, heavy duty and suitable for multiple monitor screens and equipment. Our walking treadmills are specifically designed for use within the work place, allowing you the freedom of exercise as well as the practicality of being able to fulfil all of your daily working tasks.

Research has also proved that using a treadmill desk increases productivity and stimulates creativity. So why not start with a treadmill “hot-desk” allowing people to use the desk freely to complete tasks where focus and attention is needed. Take it from us – it makes spread sheets a little more entertaining! Or maybe swap your boardroom table for a collection of treadmill desks – research has proved that by doing this people are more decisive, more focused and meetings less likely to overrun, surely a benefit for both employee and employer?

Join the next phase in office ergonomics and purchase your treadmill desk from London Workplace Interiors.

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